The Finest Custom Orthotics in Naples, FL — These Knock the Soles Off of Over-the-Counter Orthotics

The human body is a massively complicated system, which, like any such system, is prone to not always working as originally intended.

Let’s face it. Our bodies are frequently given to malfunctioning. Organs backfire, joints lock up and ache, the use of our five senses goes awry.

Whether these ailments happen naturally or due to outside trauma, specialists can often provide some sort of treatment to alleviate the disorder. In the case of a bone or a joint becoming misaligned or having improper support, the use of orthotics may be necessary.

Orthotics (which are alternatively known as orthoses) are devices intended to hold a portion of the body in a position that it is not naturally given to holding. These corrective braces, as orthotics are also known, come in a wide variety shapes and sizes depending on their function. A back brace, which would be used in correcting scoliosis or spinal injuries, is far different from orthotics for the arms and hands, used to treat finger and wrist injuries. As should be expected, orthotics designed for use on the feet are unique amongst themselves.

Pain is a sure sign that something is wrong with the body, and foot pain is a clear signal that a visit to a podiatrist is in order. Pain need not be present for there to be foot problems, however, and any number of symptoms could require treatment by a foot specialist. From bunions and high arches to irregular ankle deflection and club foot, orthotics can usually provide some form of treatment for each of these afflictions. A foot specialist will be able to properly diagnose the state of the disorder in order to suggest proper treatment.

Foot orthotics are intended to correct biomechanical disorders associated with the feet and to compensate for these disorders. They can be purchased over-the-counter in the form of retail-brand shoe inserts that can be easily fit into your shoes or they can be custom-made by a podiatrist. These custom insoles are made by taking a cast of the bare foot and building the orthotic off of that cast. This gives a perfectly-fitting orthopedic device made to target your specific foot problem.

Unlike one-size-fits-all over-the-counter shoe inserts, which might or might not address the exact problem you are experiencing, custom-made orthotics from a podiatrist vary in shape and size depending on which part of the foot they are intended to compliment. An orthotic to support a high arch would be different from an orthotic that braces the ankle or the toes. They can also be cast from a number of materials that best suits the lifestyle of the wearer. An athlete would require an orthotic made from a stronger, more rigid orthotic that can withstand high-impact use while most non-athletes can usually get by with a device made from a softer plastic.

Of these custom orthotics, the devices fall into two categories. The first are functional orthotics. These are designed to correct foot deformities, problems associated with the actual biomechanics of bone and muscle within the foot. The second category is accommodative orthotics. These provide support and stability that the foot may lack on its own. A podiatrist, after a thorough examination of their patients’ feet, will prescribe an orthotic based on what he or she feels will benefit the patient most.

Nonetheless, there remains a number of seemingly pleasant perks with the over-the-counter varieties of orthotics. The first of these perks is simple availability, as these mass-produced orthotics are typically stocked by pharmacies and supermarkets and can be purchased as required. A second advantage is price, as this type is generally affordable, ranging from very cheap insoles to more expensive arch-support orthotics that can cost anywhere from twenty to sixty dollars.

It should be noted, however, that despite these perks, over-the-counter insoles are only intended to provide what limited aid they can for as wide a selection of feet as possible. For this reason foot pain sufferers should seriously consider investing in the custom-made orthotics to attack their problem head on. Custom orthotics cost more and can often require a short waiting period while they are being made, but the benefits that they provide in terms of customization and versatility should vastly outweigh the costs.

No matter the orthotics decided upon, one should make it a habit of wearing comfortable-fitting shoes on a regular basis. Athletic shoes, for example, not only provide the padding and support to prevent a wide-array of foot problems brought on footwear that offer less reinforcement, they also have the virtue of providing extra space to fit most orthotics comfortably, giving the wearer the most customized support system possible.

Given that, in an average lifetime, a person will walk a distance equal to three trips around the circumference of the Earth, the importance of comfortable and supportive footwear cannot be stressed enough.

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Because fact is, your feet couldn’t be in better hands.

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